Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape DLC

The appropriately titled “Desperate Escape” is the latest downloadable chapter for Resident Evil 5.  Players are given the chance to play as Jill Valentine and Josh Stone, a BSAA agent who helps Chris and Sheva in the main storyline.  From beginning to end players are constantly bombarded by wave after wave of Majini, giving those with an itchy trigger finger plenty of reason to play this chapter several times over.

“Desperate Escape” occurs within the events of RE5.  Shortly after Chris and Sheva free Jill from Wesker’s mind control device, Jill urges them to focus on the mission and take Wesker down.  After Chris and Sheva head out, Jill passes out, waking up moments later to the sound of Josh’s voice.  The two of them partner up and make a daring escape from the Tricell facility. Continue reading

Still Partying with Andrew W.K.

Fans of Andrew W.K. rejoice, for in just a few weeks time the singer-songwriter and all around party animal bursts back onto the music charts with a new double album release.  “Close Calls with Brick Walls” and “Mother of Mankind” together combine for 39 tracks and approximately 2 hours of music.  Is this too much Andrew W.K. for one person to handle?  Let’s find out. Continue reading

“Remember Me”: The Making of a Star

I’m going to put myself out there and risk some judgment right now.  I am a fan of one Robert Pattinson aka RPattz.  You may know him from such gems as “Twilight” and “New Moon” which are, I’ll admit, not the most amazing displays of his acting prowess.  This isn’t about those films though.  As I said, I’m a Robert Pattinson fan and I’ve been waiting awhile for him to be given the kind of role that truly demonstrates his acting talent.  His part as Tyler Hawkins in “Remember Me” is just that role.

I was lucky enough to score a pass for a free screening this past Monday night, March 1st, the same night as the film’s world premiere at the Paris Theatre in Midtown Manhattan.  It was exciting to think I was watching the movie for the first time at the same moment as the stars themselves, even if we weren’t physically sharing the same space.

As “Remember Me” doesn’t hit theaters for another two weeks, all cameras and cell phones had to be checked in with security, to be returned once the screening was over.  One thing I’ll say about Summit Entertainment, who produced the film, is that they get straight to the point.  No trailers, no announcements, no gift bags.  This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing seeing as no one wanted to be placated with those things anyway.  Summit know their audience and cater accordingly.

“Remember Me” centers around the aforementioned Tyler Hawkins, a twenty-something New Yorker who’s confused by his supposed place in the world.  It’s a feeling many can relate to.  The film begins in the Spring of 2001 and follows Tyler as he rebels against authority, questions life, falls in love, and deals with some intense family issues, everything culminating in a finale that most won’t see coming. Continue reading

Rooney Make the “Heart” Grow Fonder

Event Date: December 11, 2009
Venue: Webster Hall

More Rooney, please

“Deliver the goods.”  It’s an expression I’ve heard a lot lately and, when I think about the band Rooney, that’s exactly what comes to mind.  This band always delivers the goods.  If you go to concerts for glitz and glamour, a Rooney show is not for you.  If you’re like me, and prize a rocking good time that cuts straight to the point, well…you probably had your tickets before I did.

This proudly Californian-based quintet gets on that stage, brings the house down with an old-school “jam” session, and promises that they’ll do the exact same thing every time.  Such a clean-cut approach is part of what makes Rooney concerts so unique and why I’ve looked forward to seeing them, every chance I get, since discovering them during a 2004 episode of “The O.C.”. Continue reading

“‘The Wolfman’ cometh”

A "howling" good time? (via intertubes)

I had first seen the trailer for the remake of “The Wolfman” some months ago. Anyone who knows my love of horror films, even the cheesy, can imagine how excited I was for this. Now would be the time to confess, though, that I’ve never actually gotten around to seeing the original. For all intents and purposes, this is actually a good thing as I went into the remake with no expectations other than the ones given to me by the fact that the film had a stellar cast. There’s Sir Anthony Hopkins, Benicio Del Toro, Emily Blunt, and Hugo Weaving who, I’ll say now, kind of stole the show. Continue reading

Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares DLC

“Lost in Nightmares” is the newly released DLC (downloadable content) for Resident Evil 5.  As most who have played RE5 will know, this episode is about a memory that Chris Redfield has. He remembers the night that he and his partner, Jill Valentine, encountered their long-time nemesis and former leader, Albert Wesker.

In the main game, we are treated to a flashback where Chris and Jill find Wesker standing over the corpse of Ozwell E. Spencer, one of the founders of Umbrella, the company responsible for the zombie outbreaks in Raccoon City.  The duo gets the crap kicked out of them matrix-style, compliments of Wesker’s superhuman abilities.  He tosses the two of them around like a couple of stuffed pillows, and after a few minutes, Wesker effortlessly grabs Chris by the throat and is moments away from ripping out his heart when Jill makes the ultimate sacrifice by latching onto Wesker and flinging herself out a window, where the two of them presumably fall to their deaths. Continue reading

Get Your Sexy On: A Night at the NYBF

Warning: This is a NSFW article.

Event Date: October 3, 2009
Venue: B.B. King’s Bar and Grille
Performers Reviewed:
Angie Pontani, Indigo Blue and Co., Gravity Plays Favorites, Ms. Tickle, Melody Sweets, Hot Toddy.



The word invokes all sorts of thoughts.  Mostly, they’re thoughts of half-naked women clad in tassels, garters, and feather boas.  Not to say that these elements are no longer relevant or present in modern burlesque but, well, the “art” has grown far beyond that simple description in recent years.

Wikipedia defines burlesque as, “a humorous theatrical entertainment involving parody and sometimes grotesque exaggeration.”  But that’s still not hitting the nail on the head. While I put the word in quotation marks before, burlesque has truly become an art and nowhere was this more evident than at the Seventh Annual New York Burlesque Festival.

Anna Fur Laxis pretends to be scandalized!

Continue reading