Meandering Entertainer is just that, a web zine that meanders around geographically and thematically and tries to entertain in the meantime. We are just a few of the many internet-addicted 30-somethings who are trapped in that limbo of not quite adulthood and who are trying to distract themselves from the WTF of our everyday lives. So, on occasion, we leave our homes and go out into that big carnage-loving world and go see a show, watch a movie, pick up a book, leave the country and camp out in some godforsaken field with a bunch of strangers… the usual. Then we write about it. You know, whenever we get around to it.

Expect information with only our bias in the mix. We don’t get paid to do this, so we can afford to be fair. Read reviews of books, music, restaurants, plays, parades, movies, gatherings of the like-minded and interviews with actors, rockers, authors and nobodies. Our topics range from the latest blockbuster, to an exhibition of dead bodies, to misanthropic love columns.

If you would like your event covered or would like to contribute an article contact Meandering.Entertainer AT gmail.com. Also, check the submissions page. And “Like” us on Facebook, where you’ll get the latest updates and find out about any upcoming events.

And finally, every article and image in this webzine is the property of its creator

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