Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape DLC

The appropriately titled “Desperate Escape” is the latest downloadable chapter for Resident Evil 5.  Players are given the chance to play as Jill Valentine and Josh Stone, a BSAA agent who helps Chris and Sheva in the main storyline.  From beginning to end players are constantly bombarded by wave after wave of Majini, giving those with an itchy trigger finger plenty of reason to play this chapter several times over.

“Desperate Escape” occurs within the events of RE5.  Shortly after Chris and Sheva free Jill from Wesker’s mind control device, Jill urges them to focus on the mission and take Wesker down.  After Chris and Sheva head out, Jill passes out, waking up moments later to the sound of Josh’s voice.  The two of them partner up and make a daring escape from the Tricell facility.

Those who love the action-oriented gameplay of RE5 will feel right at home with this DLC.  The level has a mix of tight alleys and open spaces, and gives you more than enough enemies to blast into dust.  To make things more challenging, it offers some form of randomization, meaning that some of the stronger enemies don’t always appear in the same areas you last encountered them and sometimes you find different weapons in each area.  There are also areas where Josh can toss Jill up to higher ground so she can provide cover, but splitting up can sometimes prove to be a dangerous proposition, more so in single player than in 2 player co-op.  Regardless of your approach, teamwork is critical in making it out alive.

Buying “DE” also unlocks Josh and Rebecca Chambers in the “Mercenaries Reunion” mode. Josh is a brawler, having a mix of strong punches and wrestling moves.  All I have to say is that his German suplex is pretty nasty and is a nod to Leon Kennedy’s head-crushing belly-to-belly suplex in RE4.   Rebecca has a nice mix of punches, kicks, as well as the ability to use teargas and a mini flame torch.

In comparison to “Lost in Nightmares”, “DE” is definitely the more entertaining of the two episodes.  “LiN” takes players back to the nostalgic days of RE1 with its mansion setting, narrow corridors and limited ammo.  It had the potential to be as creepy as the old games, but ends up being too easy and too short.  “DE” isn’t terribly long itself, but has much higher replay value and provides satisfying insight into the events Jill and Josh went through while Chris and Sheva struggled elsewhere. For $5 (400 Microsoft points), the purchase of DE is definitely worthwhile.

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