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Neil? Yes, Amanda? – Performances and Q&A with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer

Show date: June 3, 2009
Venue: Housing Works Book Store Cafe
Guests: Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer

d42 was having a fan girl fit. Neil Gaiman, best selling novelist, comic book writer, tireless blogger, as well as Amanda Palmer, singer, musician, icon, and recently deceased, were going to be under one roof at the Housing Works Book Store Café! These two beloved icons gathered with us this night to promote Who Killed Amanda Palmer Photo Book for which Gaiman provided the text.  Kyle Cassidy, photographer (also in attendance, but on the sidelines), provided excellent pictures of Palmer bloodied and stuffed into a shopping cart, floating in a pond, as a gorgeous statue, and in various other poses, all having a lack of life in common. Continue reading

So, I like the Bee Gees?

Show date: April 3, 2009
Venue: B.B. King’s Blues Club and Grill, NY
Bands: Brendon Small and the School of Rock All Stars, Tragedy, Misstallica

Tragedy. Entertainment Factor -- Check!

Tragedy. Entertainment Factor -- Check!

Another Friday night spent at good old B.B. King’s, yet again hosting a night of peculiar musical stylings of combination comedy and metal.

The evening opened with a Q&A with Brendon Small. A small crowd of fervent admirers pelted him with questions which he answered informing and abusing simultaneously. Continue reading

Wacken 2009 Info

wacken-ticketI’ve got the golden tickeeeeet! And I hope you do too, because Wacken 2009 is SOLD OUT and if you still want to go you will have to deal with E-bay. This year is Wacken‘s 20th in the metal business, and also my third partaking of said metal. I wrote up some sort of an update or list every year, so I think I’ll stick to that. You can check out previous articles (links are at the bottom), but the most updated links and info will be here. Continue reading

Alexis Rockman’s Half-life at Nyehaus

Artist: Alexis Rockman
Dates: March 7- April 18, 2009
Venue: Nyehaus Gallery


As my aunt and I wandered the streets of New York yesterday, she told me some of the history of Gramercy Park. She talked about the locked park itself, with the keys allowed only to the very select occupants of the surrounding buildings, and how the whole area was imagined, built, and then even mythicized.

We decided to check out a free exhibition at a gallery in that neighborhood. The art of Alexis Rockman promised to be surreal and I’m always up for something that looks like it’s been hallucinated. We searched for the Nyehaus Gallery expecting something like a store front, or maybe a tiny museum. What we found at 15 Gramercy Park was the National Art Club. It was a beautiful building with a twisting metal balcony and seemed utterly forbidding. Continue reading

Q&A with Brendon Small

Show date: April 3, 2009
Venue: B.B. King’s Blues Club and Grill, NY

Brendon Small intensely on stage

Brendon Small intensely on stage

Brendon Small is a 34-year-old musician, composer, comedian, writer, and the lead vocals in the invented band Dethklok,  from the animated masterpiece called “Metalocalypse”, which he created, co-wrote and co-produced. Small is the voice of Nathan Explosion as well as Skwisgaar Skwigelf and Pickles the Drummer.

Small was the opener to his own headlining act with the School of Rock All Stars. Sometime before our car was broken into that night (long story, cops are useless), he addressed, belittled and made fun of the early-comers at B.B. Kings. Here is the gist of what was said and a few bad pictures. Continue reading

Repo! The Genetic Opera: The Interactive Experience

Event: Midnight Surgeons Repo! Shadowcast
Venue: Multi Media Arts Center, Bloomfield, NJ
Date: March 21, 2009

taken by Frenchie

The flier with some Zydrate, (by guest photographer, Frenchie)

D42 often sends me random links to things she finds during hours of aimless internet browsing which she calls work. One of those links led me to a trailer for “Repo! The Genetic Opera”. From that first viewing, the wait began for the eventual limited release of this film (I again thanked the gods that my parents chose to immigrate to New York City some fifteen years ago.)

Yeah, I knew it was gonna be fun, I knew it was gonna be great, but I didn’t realize that it would rouse a following akin to Rocky Horror. I didn’t suspect all the fanfic it would generate, nor did I think the show would go on the road! Of course, all these things happened anyway.

One of the results of “Repo!”’s success is the Midnight Surgeon’s Repo! Shadowcast. These guys came all the way from Philadelphia to add to the film their own, often quirky, interpretation. I’ve never seen anything like this before, and if you’re a shadowcast virgin, you should know that the idea is to have the movie playing in the background, while you and a bunch of your friends dash around in costumes and act/sing along with the bits you really liked. I bet it was a lot of fun to do. It was certainly a lot of fun to watch.

You remember the girl being chased by the Repo Man at the beginning of the movie? Here she is, reimagined.

You remember the girl being chased by the Repo Man at the beginning of the movie? Here she is, reimagined.

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Cradle of Filth Brings Hundreds of Fans to Times Square

Show date: February 25, 2009
Venue: Nokia Theatre, NY
Bands: Cradle of Filth, Satyricon, Septic Flesh

“No, we’re not all waiting for The Lion King,” I told a little old lady clutching her husband’s arm and looking warily at an enormous line of leather clad, spike-covered, black-eyeliner-smeared Cradle of Filth fans. It took close to an hour to get into the venue, but thankfully the Nokia Theatre accommodated the huge number of attendees and started the show a half an hour later than scheduled. Good thing too, or I would have had to kick myself stupid for missing Septic Flesh.



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