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Crashing Corporate Christmas Parties: A Bloggie

‘Tis the season for corporate Christmas parties! Christmas parties filled with free booze and thrown by huge corporations, just waiting to be crashed. It helps if you have an in, of course, and last night my “in” was d42. Neither one of us worked for the company that rented out a bar in Midtown and even worked out a little buffet, but we definitely took full advantage. Though we paid for it in a variety of ways.

The second we arrived a man grabbed at the front of my chest. It was the sternum piercing; he decided he had to touch it. When I explained what it was he stared in fascinated horror and then stepped on me. As the hours went on, he got closer and closer to falling on me. We soon escaped him, although he would resurface, and often.

The bar was packed with aging men and women in suits. Primarily white men, duh, as the only people “of color” were those who worked as their secretaries. Ah, corporate hell, you haven’t changed since my sad days of temping (just this past summer). Continue reading

Bizarre Late Night Reading Material

Bizarre Cover Nov 2007 One night, around 2am or so, we were stuck at Penn Station, waiting for our train. The homeless moved slowly and deliberately around us, and the drunk and slutty girls looked for safety in numbers. That was entertaining enough, but we had another good 30 minutes or so to kill. The magazine stand beckoned like the light at the end of a tunnel of boredom. We went straight to the back where they kept the porn.

The magazine that jumped out at us and which I finally bought for about $9 was called ‘Bizarre’ and it was. “Sexy Eel Fun” was promised inside and the Parental Advisory stamp cautioned against purchase by the easily offended.

By the time the train came to carry us home I was thoroughly engrossed reading about the man who raised wolves and fought them for the best parts of a dead carcass to show who was in charge. Next was the Death Dance of Bengal, a tiny little paragraph explaining the picture of a man holding a dead fetus with a belly bloated by the gases that accompany rot. Continue reading


grizelda dead
Taking a break. Just like Grizelda.

Meandering Entertainer is staffed primarily by students, who are currently overcome with midterms and such. Look for new articles starting around the 5th of November. These will include:

1. Interview with John Lukas and Kevin Stillwell of the PA Renaissance Faire who will reveal what it is like to live your life as a 16th century knight in this day and age.

2. Interview with Vains of Jenna, the Rock ‘n’ Roll pirates from Falkenberg, Sweden throwing the 80’s hair style in your face. This will more than likely be followed up by a review of their show at the Roseland Ballroom on November 2nd, where they will be performing with the legendary Cradle of Filth (yesssss, make my ears bleeeeed).

3. Review of Proust and the Squid by Maryanne Wolf. A novel primarily about dyslexia and the functioning of the reading (or non-reading) brain. Not the page turner I expected so far.

4. Review of Service Included by Phoebe Damrosch which promises to be hilarious and about cookery, but we shall see.

5. A probable rant on how our Halloween went, generally, and all the fun things we didn’t get to do because of school and/or work.

How PRK Made the Footballs in My Eyes All Round and Stuff

Just as it became chic to wear large glasses with plastic frames that dominate your face, I decided to go through with laser eye surgery. That’s elective laser surgery. On my eyes. It didn’t really sink in until the doctor was telling me to look at the blinking red light as intently as if I was following it down a winding road at 90 miles per hour.

I really didn’t dwell on what was going to happen to me. I went in for an eval, pretty sure there was nothing modern medicine could do for my high prescription, high astigmatism and thin corneas. This was the case four years ago. LASEK still could do nothing for the likes of me, but, apparently, PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy) no longer causes shadowy phantoms to resurface over once corrected vision. So I went under the laser the next day. Continue reading