Final Fantasy 8 Sucks: A Review That’s Too Damn Late

I’m going to break my usual tradition and write about something mainstream today. It’ll come as a shock to most of you, not reading about some obscure ROM about gay sex. We’ll be back to that soon, don’t worry.

Like most of you nerds out there, I play video games in my spare time. I read the reviews and see what’s good and what sucks, and throw away all reviews that say “OMG THE GRAPHICS SUCKZ.” I grew up with Atari. I can deal with bad graphics; I could really care less if the main character is a blue dot or a fully rendered 3-D model of Estelle Getty in the nude (which would of course be the hottest thing ever). Sometimes though, reviews are just so wrong that it makes you want to hunt down the person who wrote it and burn crosses on their front lawn. This has happened to me a few times, but there is one game I loathe so much that to this day I still hate those bastards the gave it a positive review.

But when Atari tries to render Estelle Getty, it just isn’t the same.

It’s a well-known fact that a lot of fanboys have hard-ons for the Final Fantasy series. They’ll buy anything closely associated with it, from T-shirts to sex toys. So whenever a new one comes out, magazines and on-line sites hail this as the second coming of zombie Jesus. Everyone eats it up and Square laughs, counting their money. As for myself, I’ve been playing Final Fantasy since back in the days of the NES, before there was even a plot. So I know the games can be good, even with the weaknesses they all share, so there’s no need to e-mail me talking about how the game consists of pressing one button until you win. I know. I hate it myself, but for some reason I can’t stop.

If you haven’t figured it out by now—either because you were too stupid to read the title or came across this article looking for fanfic—I can’t stand Final Fantasy 8. Absolutely the worst game I’ve ever played, and that’s saying a lot since I openly admit I own Donkey Kong Jr. Math. Now, FF7 wasn’t a bad game. It’s not the greatest achievement man has ever accomplished, as any typical 14-year-old will tell you while screaming at you in their best caps lock voice. I enjoyed FF9 too, even though it isn’t as widely praised. So what went wrong when they made FF8?

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t write this years ago, before more sequels and spin-offs were made? Back when the game was still new and I could have saved you horrible monsters some money. Well, first of all, those days are a bit of a blur for me and I’m also fairly certain this site didn’t exist back then. The main reason I haven’t spoken out about this travesty is that it angered me so much, that for a while I just couldn’t get out the words to express my hate for it. The whole thing left a bitter taste in my mouth for years. Unfortunately, I’m also one of those people who just have to finish something they start, so I played until the end, because I clearly hate myself. So don’t bother e-mailing me telling me it gets better. I know it doesn’t. Oh, and if you find any mistakes in this review, go fuck yourself. It’s been years since I’ve played the game and I refuse to put it back in my console, for fear of complete corruption, even if the purpose is to make fun of it.

So let’s take a look at some of things that made this game into the travesty it is.

God I hope these characters are better than the whiny goth protagonist

Yeah, that’s right. Squall, the “hero” of the story, is just a dog collar and slit wrists short of being a full-out goth. And whenever he talks, it’s usually to complain about something. Not that I blame him, if I was stuck in a game as horrible as that, I’d complain too. His only redeeming quality was in Kingdom Hearts, but I have a suspicion that that was due to the fact he was voiced by David Boreanaz, who just breathes badass. Amazingly enough though, he’s not the most annoying character there is, there’s a whole roster that spends every moment competing for the spot of who I want to stab with an ice pick the most. Let’s take a look at the ones who come to mind.

Craaaaawling in my skinnnnnn.

I hate this bitch. You ever have a friend who gets a girlfriend who ALWAYS needs to be with him? She’s controlling and manipulative and constantly belittles him? And your friend is the only who doesn’t notice that she’s a controlling bitch? That’s the whole story of Rinoa, except somehow, she manages to be more annoying than that. All she does is talk about Squall most of the game, and no one really cares. For some reason, she falls for Squall and we’re forced to put up with the worst love story ever.

No, I need you here so I can bug the crap out of you.

I could write a whole article on Selphie, but that article would consist of the word “cunt” 5000 times. Everything she says (including her own made up words) makes you want to torture her to death. I have nothing more to say on that.


Irvine is a sniper AND a cowboy. Both very manly things. You’d think this would make him cool, and someone you could like, but no. He fucks up in the beginning trying to shoot someone, but chickening out. And you know it’s all downhill from there. The rest of the game he spends hitting on anything that might have a vagina, which still somehow does not make him likeable in the least bit.

I can just imagine what the designers were doing when they thought this shit up.

Game Designer 1: Ok, yeah, how about a sniper?
Game Designer 2: Hey, we don’t have comic relief, let’s make him a horrible pimp.
Game Designer 1: Yeah, sure. Want to go to the bathroom, do some coke, and suck each other off?
Game Designer 2: God yes.

For the love of god, put the gun in your mouth.

I’d write more about the characters, but none of them really stick out as much. They’re all just kind of there, pointlessly doing things for hours on end. It’s kind of sad when not being noticeable is the greatest compliment you can get.

Surely the gameplay makes up for the shortfalls in character development
I would have been happier with old Dragon’s Lair gameplay. You remember, where you watch that stupid guy run through a castle, and if you don’t hit a direction at a certain moment, you die horribly? Except, the controls were so fucking shitty, you were most likely to die on the first few screens, continually hitting the button you need, cursing as you watch that stupid guy get killed for the billionth time in a row.

Yeah, that would be better than the battle system this game has. You see, the developers thought that getting rid of MP to cast spells was somehow a good idea. So instead, they gave us the draw system.

The draw system is the equivalent of hitting yourself in the nuts when you’re having a heart attack. It’s just unnecessary torture. So, instead of killing the monster you’re fighting, you have to extract spells out of it, while said monster slowly eats away at your life. I think that’s a good metaphor for the whole game. Instead of finishing it all up fast, it forces you to keep dragging on, making you hate yourself and purchasing habits more with every passing hour, all while slowly eating away at your brain.

Left motherfucker! Look out for the fat girl!

Everything else in the battles is just mediocre. It’s the usual attack until something attacking you dies, and use summons for bosses. But to fuck with you a little bit more, characters have to be joined to summons so only one person can use them at a time, and they take what feels like 3 hours to complete.

Surely these stupid characters do something worthwhile over the course of 30+ hours
Oh how I wish that sentence were true. You see, the plot is the worst part of this game. Yeah, it’s the usual “save the planet, space, and time itself” type of scenario we’ve all been seeing since the early days of gaming, when plots were told to you in instruction manuals and nowhere else. But this game manages to fuck that up; using some of the most horrible plot twists I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen all of M. Night Shyamalan’s movies, so I know a bad plot twist.

When first starting the game, you know it’s not going to be good, as we’re treated to a dance number. Yeah. See, Squall can’t dance, because he’s a jive ass honky. That doesn’t stop someone from pulling him onto the dance floor so he can fuck everyone up with his awkward moves. But wait! Fifteen seconds into it, and suddenly he’s amazing and the center of attention. Now that the re-enactment of Footloose is over, let’s move on.

The point at which I knew that nothing could save this game was only a few hours into it. Things were slow, but I was patient, a lot of games start off slow. Then we started to get some backstory on all the characters to try and give them some depth. This failed terribly. As it turns out, they’re all orphans. But wait, they all seem to have memories that are sort of similar. Then, somehow they all manage to remember that HOLY FUCKING SHIT THEY ALL GREW UP TOGETHER, WITH THE MAIN VILLIAN AS THEIR CARETAKER AND THEY JUST FORGOT. I swear to god people, I can’t make this shit up no matter how hard I hit myself in the head.

Oh yeah, I should probably mention there are spoilers in this thing.

The only other real “what the fuck” moment I had was when monsters started coming from the moon to earth for NO REASON. They just started coming, and everyone shits themselves as they came by the dozens. And once again, instead of an organized army or bullets, a few kids and their angst win that battle.

Some other incredibly stupid stuff happens, along with the usual bad dialogue, and whining about not wanting to save the world. I never understood how if an army can’t stop a threat, some whiny kids could. By the end, you’re rooting for anyone to kill them, whether it’s the current bad guy, each other, or a passing hobo with a knife.

Then there’s the end. Oh god, the end. By the time they reached the end, the designers knew everyone had abandoned hope. I was hitting myself with the controller every time one of them said something, hoping to knock myself unconscious, because a coma would be more enjoyable at this point. For some reason, everyone is thrown through time to the future, where they meet Ultimecia (Yeah, that’s her actual name), who has no prior mention to this final battle. She’s just there. Well, this dumb bitch goes on about some shit she calls “TIME KOMPRESSION.” I almost lost at the fight because I was laughing so hard. You fuck her shit up, things work out, no real surprises.

Apparently two Mike Tyson tattoos makes you really evil.

So it’s over, and all you can say to yourself is “Thank God.” I have never seen a bigger train wreck of a game in my life. To this day, I’m not sure how the game gets positive reviews, as I could not find any good points that made the game worth it at all. Personally, I think we should all just be angry as Japan for sending such utter crap overseas, despite how many fanboys eat it up.

I need to stop now, this has all brought back painful memories I tried to repress. I have a migraine, which might work its way to seizures soon. Plus I need a shower, because after searching for pictures for this article, I am not clean in any way.

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    • Jacob komins
    • July 25th, 2008

    ummmm……….ur kinda gay.FINAL FANTASY 8 IS THE F-ING BEST GAME TO HAVE EVER BEEN MADE IN THE JAPAN and you are a fucking lame ass motherfucker dont you have anything better to do other than relentlessly criticize FICTIONAL people. Jesus, what a dumbfuck. if i ever see you on the streets im going to kick you in your fucking idiotic face and maybe that will knock some sense into you. you obviously have no idea what a GOOD game is. although i do agree with your statement about the graphics not being important. you dumbfuck………………………………………………………………………………………………………LOVE U……………………….asshole………………………………………………………………………………….no not really i admire ur work

      • Bad Magic
      • June 20th, 2009

      Easy fella, back into your cage.

      The story is pretty dire, I have just dug this game out having fairly fond memories of it way-back-when only to realise had I actually been reading through the story I would’ve done the right thing and buried this game in the back garden.

      The gameplay is your fairly bland RPG-fare, which was what I was looking for to kill a few hours, but the plot is unforgivable. The dialogue is rushed and nonsensical, replacing consistant characters with extreme punctuation (anything more than one ! is just a waste). The orphans growing up together plotline was completely redundant as it added nothing to the story but had me perplexed as to how this got the Final Fantasy seal of approval.

      I think 7 and 9 did more to develop the characters and give them discernable personalities, in 8 the characters seemed to exist solely to give the next plot device.

      The Squall/Rinoa romance may hit the right note for an emotionally retarded Twilight fan, but the whole plotline was just so laboured, as if it was only added to satiate those confused by the ambiguous romantic subplot in 7.

      If you have to justify your position with ‘I’ll kick your head in’ chances are you’re probably wrong.

      • kiedis12
      • February 8th, 2012

      the game is pure shit, one of the worse games i’ve played in my entire life. i’m not joking and not trolling, just telling the truth

    • Jacob komins
    • July 25th, 2008

    YOURE so smart! i mean really! a COMPLETE genius! honestly. you have the most well thought out and honest review on the net. youre completely right. this game really is an unfortunate disaster in the gaming world. im amazed how brilliant you are and that you have the pure COURAGE to speak your mind, knowing how well loved this game is. yeah its well loved. by ME. you dumbfuck. i HATE you. Jesus, youre so fucking stupid. get a goddamn clue. stupid ass motherfucker………………………………………………………………………………………………still love u though……………….see u asshole

    • aubskibob
    • July 16th, 2010

    Thank god. I just finished FF7 (after having only played NES and SNES version for most of my life) and moved onto FF8.

    It is such a huge and utter piece of shit. I’ve got about 5 hours of game-play and I am fucking done with it. I’ve played a fair amount of RPG’s in my time, and this is probably the fucking worst one I have ever played.

    Square should be ashamed of themselves.

      • TheKnowerseeker
      • April 17th, 2011

      Absolutely. FF 8 killed Final Fantasy for me; I never played another Final Fantasy since then. *Later* I heard that FF 9 was cool, and that the later Final Fantasies were good, but I had moved on to other RPGs (primarily computer RPGs) by then. If I remember right, FF 8 and Xenogears came out at about the same time, and I considered Xenogears to be the true spiritual successor to FF 7, as opposed to FF 8, which was shite.

    • Bruce
    • January 5th, 2011

    I’ve been a fan of the Final Fantasy series since 6 came to the States as 3 on the Super NES. To me, 8 had marked the decline of the series, as designers had become full of themselves and figured that any piece of garbage would sell like hot cakes as long as they bore the Final Fantasy name.

    There really isn’t much I can add that this review doesn’t already cover, so I’ll simply call Final Fantasy 8 a “Japanime gone wrong”.

    The characters weren’t just uninteresting…they were IRRITATING. I’d read the dialogue and imagine it written by an 11 year-old; the mopy Squall, excitable Zell, and repressed homosexual Irvine made me want to rename every character FAGBALLS.

    The game’s schematics were atrocious. You want to know why some people fear change in this world? It’s because there’s no need for change if you’ve got a system that’s been proven to work. It’s like someone made a list of everything that made Final Fantasy games great and then said “let’s try something else”. The acquisition and maintenance of magic was Square’s answer to the hamster wheel, and I say this because the plot itself made this labor very unrewarding. The plot twists had no shock value to them, and by the time I made it to Ultimecia Castle, I didn’t care enough about the game to finish.

    That was 11 years ago…I recently picked the game back up after downloading and finishing 7 on my PS3. This Final Fantasy kick I’m on may have to skip through to 9, because I’ve been palying it for a week, barely scraped disc 2, and I’m already cursing the characters during gameplay.

    Final Fantasy 8 was and is a huge disappointment. It was the Twilight of its time; designed for rebellious teen goth girls to finger themselves.

      • TheKnowerseeker
      • April 17th, 2011

      “…designed for rebellious teen goth girls to finger themselves.” — Exactly. I recognized back then that FF 8 was made for girls first and guys second, and that’s what made it suck for me — a guy!

    • Ryan
    • April 24th, 2011

    This article has some age on it now but I think it stands pretty well for itself. I came across it while searching for some FFVIII material in google because I’d decided to replay some of the old FF games because my wife had never seen them and wanted to see them for herself (though she isn’t very good with video games or rpgs). I then remembered what a total piece of shit VIII was and why it stands as the only FF game I haven’t finished to date (though 10 almost landed on that list as well.)

    I think you’ve missed one very important fact, though. FFX is every bit as deserving of the title of “biggest piece of shit FF game ever made”. Considering that X seems to almost be FFVIII-revamped, it’s no surprise. Even X-2, which should have been titled “FF – Pretty Princes Dress-up” was better (gameplay-wise, at least) than both VIII and X.

    What I can say, without doubt, is that while my wife would probably *sigh* enjoy the game,,, I can’t bring myself to actually play through it again with the terrible fucking characters, laughable plot, and terrible game play system. Jsut looing back on it I can see the retarded summons… the idiotic draw system… the tedious and time-wasting magic-equipping system… the absurdity of the equipment system, the sheer pointlessness of bothering to level and the retarded leveling system… the terrible whinny, angst-ridden emo-kid characters that I kept hoping, in vain, would be killed off at any point of the plot… the ridiculous character and background designs… all totaled up for one major piece of shit JRPG that I simply don’t want to ever play again.

    Never the less, it seems the game is fondly remembered by the popped-collar-wearing, facebook/reddit/tumblr-attention-whoring early 20-something hipster-wannabe types of current as some kind of holy grail amongst JRPGs. Misanthropy-not-withstanding, I can’t understand why anyone thought this was a good game or even a good idea to make- game play, character and plot, production value or otherwise. It’s almost as if the production managers at Square said–

    “Hey guys- this game series’s getting really popular in the States and other places… despite the fact that we’re aging Ameriboos (my term for American culture-obsessed Japanese social rejects) who are out of touch with younger cultures of the time, why don’t we make a big game and dump a lot of money into it? What do we know about youth culture of today? Well, they wear ridiculous clothing and are really moody and angsty and they like the angsty anti-hero, emo types. Great!! Let’s dump a lot of time and money on it and go! You know they’ll buy it since it has the FF logo on it. We’ll be rich… -er!”

    Still, I wish I could say that it’s the wosrt JRPG that I’ve ever played, but it isn’t… Despite that, it’s still very high on the list.

      • doctorfly
      • April 24th, 2011

      X was bad, and I did a review on X-2 (Spoiler: I didn’t like it). Really, aside from IX, which I liked, the series hasn’t released anything good. XII was boring more than anything and I haven’t bothered with XIII since I’ve heard nothing but terrible things. I’m also not a fan of MMORPG’s so XI & XIV are out. The series should retire, but for some reason, people keep buying millions of copies on launch day every time a new one comes out.

        • TheKnowerseeker
        • April 25th, 2011

        I would love to see a *true* sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics…. *Then* they can retire FF, lol.

    • Aguia
    • July 15th, 2011

    (FF8 fan) Wow after reading this review + commentaries, im not gonna insult you like some guys did, you just gave your opinion, but really? did you need to insult that much a game? Theres so much hate on this review that is ridiculous, couldnt you just say you disliked it and then point out the reasons? Look, i know that it is not perfect, even i agree that Squall could have another attitude and some other clothes and the battle system could be better, but that is whi i will never forget him and this game, after all this this one was my first FF i played, so it tends to be my favorite one, and those things you writed up there, god they realy hurt.

    • Smogie
    • July 30th, 2011

    ok……. the only Final fantasy I have completed was FF7 and I loved it. I am just recently playing FF8 on PCSX and I think its great. 7&8 stand out to me because i Love the futuristic setting. the mid evil shit turns me off.

    I also played 13 but i gave up like 10hrs in because it was a never ending hallway of enemies. no shops no nothing.

    I am in no way a final fantasy fanatic because I only like 7&8 and i don’t get all gay over the characters. I just enjoy stories about revolutionaries. not to mention ones in a futuristic setting.

    this review was funny but its full of bullshit. FF8 is a GREAT game!! and I also agree the FF fan boys are gay lol.

      • TheKnowerseeker
      • August 2nd, 2011

      There are few guys who think that FF8 is good. Are you a girl? The #1 turn-off for most guys is that the story is primarily a romance (think romance novel or chick-flick), and it’s an adventure by a distant second. The second issue that irritated me about FF8 is the “you have to find random stuff to upgrade your weapons” thing. It seemed like I hadn’t upgraded my weapons in forever because I couldn’t find any of those random items. Upgrading of weapons should be integrated at regular intervals with other forms of upgrading (such as level up, etc.) in a good RPG. Tied for third are the annoyingly slow magic drawing system, the fact that time isn’t paused for GF summons during limited-time segments of the game, and the fact that all the male characters look like fashion models instead of buff special forces guys. (The girls are too skinny — and silly — as well.)

    • BigT
    • September 7th, 2011

    I personally found this review because i typed “final fantasy 8 sucks” in google lol. in my own opinion the battle system on this game is completely fucking terrible. A friend of mine keeps telling me it will get better but im still waiting for that to happen. Im about half way through disc 2 and i just dont have the energy to keep playing this piece of shit game. here are the flaws i see:

    1) draw system ( biggest waste of time bullshit mechanic ive ever seen in a final fantasy game)
    2) GF summons ( imo the fact that you could use these summons to practically steamroll most enemies made the game extremely stale and boring.)
    3) no exp from some bosses ( imo the best part of taking down a badass boss is seeing all the exp you get from pwning its face in. Seeing “Didn’t receive EXP” after killing a boss that took you hours to kill just feels like a gigantic middle finger.
    4) Junction system ( the junction system was the single most annoying thing when it came to gameplay. I have never seen such an gigantic waste of time as constantly having to rejunction the GFs to every single person every time they leave your party.

    in conclusion this stupid piece of shit game will be sold at the nearest pawn shop, slackers, game stop or thrown in the nearest bonfire so that i do not have to deal with the pain of having it in my house anymore.

  1. Probably the first comment of 2012 xD. I really enjoy the review, the author write it from the hate in his guts and made me laugh all the way down.

    FF VIII was the first Final Fantasy I ever played (Some 10 years ago), after that I played FFVII and FFIX, and currently I’m playing FF XIII. Reading this review make think about all the failure points that have been highlighted as absolute downfalls, and maybe it is like that, but for me that game is one of the best games I’ve ever played.

    Maybe the story is nonsensical, but at the moment I played it, I didn’t read or understood English very well and I became so hooked up to this game that it was the way for learning english to me. The plot is not the clasical FF all fantastic, mid age magical world. (And the part that all Integrants grew up together and then forgot it to then remember it again is kind of absurd) But plot aside, the whole system of Equipment and Improve of skills is IMO much better than FF IX and in some aspects like Status Junction better than FFVII. Even having to draw the “Magic items” (Wich all the ppl seem so terribly) to be able to equip the “energy items” (Magics) to level up your strenght, vitality, speed ETC was awesome, at least it was open to do it once you have drawn the magics and enabled the attribute. In some others you always have to wait for something to happen to be able to level up your skills. The fact that if i worked hard gathering new and more powerfull “magics” to be able to Junction them up to be sntronger was like freedom compared with e.g XIII and the Crystarium system or the Ability Stones at FFIX. Other thing that i miss so much is the card playing system, I don’t know if people doesn’t like it, but to me was another new thing to accomplish for eventually have a lot of awesome items and make the game larger (Wich I Enjoyed so much to play) Cards at FFIX were weird,I tried to figure out how the hell to play them but never got it. The hidden Quests like the UFO quest, the getting of Moomba kind of GF and everything else was awesome to me and above of all, was a game designed to explore it your self, not like some that there is an explaination to everything.

    I think that most people hate FFVIII for being so much different in comparison with FFVII (wich was another awesome FF) and being FFVII so much loved among the FF Fans.
    Well, thats what i have to say in favor of FFVIII, is my preferred Final Fantasy game and thats why i wrote all this post.

    • Milay
    • February 14th, 2012

    Why do I hear that FF8 was SOOO much of a love story so often? It really wasn’t… Squall + Rinoa was there, but especially until late game and rarely apart from a few scenes this is not some huge distracting part of the story nor what I focused upon or took away from the game.

    • Milay
    • February 14th, 2012

    Also, GFs are not meant to be a huge part of the game. If you can use the junction system properly, which doesn’t take a genius your character can deal huge melee damage, be a mage, be a healer, be a tank, support, whatever. If you can’t get this by disk 2, watching the cutscenes repeatedly is your problem.

    Lastly, drawing isn’t that bad…You can draw up to NINE of a spell at a time from monsters, and that’s not including drawpoints, and the ability to create like 99 of a spell through certain items if you get the proper GF abilities.

    Some parts of FF8 are more difficult, but you just have to actually make an effort to LEARN how..It’s not meant to be run through as fast as possible.

    • YourMum
    • February 22nd, 2012

    You SOB. You have no idea. I feel bad for you

    • Bbackin20
    • June 17th, 2013

    Wow! It’s 2013 now, and I’m totally agree with your words -and have feeling like the same. Had a chance to play it once, i deleted it about the laguna-dragon fight. Nowdays i give it another try. Real pain for hours and what i get? –got to space- rinoa swoooosh into the vacuum — she’s dying, squall sad, me happy!!! — squall swoosh to rinoa — wow, they both die! — everyones alive oO . They salvaging a spaceship which flowing in space since 17 years. WITH FUCKING MULTICOLOR BUGS. :D Hell, i just press a delete, instead of running and grinding color-to color nasties :D
    Just finished watching a walktrough in Yeoutube. They both die again,live and die and live … hell Cloud+Sephi don’t die that much! :D

    So seriously -in my opinion-: Not a character who would you like. They look like really cool, had nice clothes and equipment (i love Quistis’s whips grrr ;) )
    But they are so empty and yes. Irritating.

    The SOOOO called romance… Got a brown haired Cloud with 30x”… not interested” attitude and a “pick me pick me” like girl. And a lovely bunch of irritating people who always saying what cute are they together. And they saying it aaaaaallll over and over and over.
    Remember the scene, when that big flying Gardens crash and rinoa fells down? You have got the option -by squall- to just shit down the entire thing and tell to zell to save the princess. You -squall- go to save another people, grinding almost an hour, and then…. Zell just came and say that YOU will be the lucky (!) who could save rinoa!!!
    Because in swweeet romances they do it like this!!!

    And you HAVE to do a loooot of unnecesserly things. In a corridor? Go to left. Read a couple speeching, grinding monsters etc. Okay. Now, go to right! For the same… but the fun thing is go to left AGAIN, because the story will continue there!
    (I simply called it a “walk down to the trashcan” questing.) You just NEED to roll the circles over and over. Without ANY REASON!

    Storyline -had it? with not-so-short-time-memory-losses (pathetic… i had just crawled my face off) Random scene shifting with i-dont-know-hes-my-daddy and so on… but why? Because we got a chance to change timelines— but hell we cant earn anything with it, just a twisted oh-they-die-or-not-again shit! And a LSD-dreaming Squall at the end.

    Okay,okay, im just finish now…

    This was the worst happening in my life! The VIII. I just can’t call it Final Fantasy.

    “My” Final Fantasies had likely characters, who had -almost- serious pasts, they had goals, feelings, moral codes… they LIVE!
    In VIII i just have pixels and some profil pictures with “oh i had forgot anything”.

    I played the VII-s, X, X-2 (hate it too), XII, and watch in walktrough the XIII, XIII-2 (yeah! spin of the timeline, because we could shit with it!!!)

    I have serious emotions after i finished any of my owned Final Fantasy game. Crisis Core just kicked me out about a week, however i know Zack’s fate since the FFVII. (yeah, im a girl with feelings :D)

    But after VIII I’m feeling exactly as you wrote it…:

    “You’re probably wondering why I didn’t write this years ago, before more sequels and spin-offs were made?
    The main reason I haven’t spoken out about this travesty is that it angered me so much, that for a while I just couldn’t get out the words to express my hate for it. “

    • Matt
    • May 18th, 2014

    Couldn’t agree with you more. I grew up with snes and played and loved ff4 and ff6, and just recently got my first ps2 (i know, a little late lol) and have played and beaten 7, 10 and 12. Loved 7 and 10, 12 was decent, and am playing 9 now and it seems pretty good. I also have 8, and played a disk and a half and i couldn’t play anymore, it was so god damn boring, the draw system was a DISASTER for me lol Everything was just way off for me. The beginning was a struggle to get through (everyone is in a school, and Cid is a principal? lol) I tried to see it through to the end but just couldn’t do it lol Glad i made the switch to 9 though, its much better!

      • TheKnowerseeker
      • May 19th, 2014

      Yup, I had the *exact* same experience as you with FF8. Until then, I was a major FF fan; I’ve only recently heard that there was/is hope for FF again past 8, though I haven’t played any FF games yet beyond it because 8 scarred me so badly. I got more into computer RPGs (and left behind console ones) after 8 happened to me.

        • Matt
        • May 23rd, 2014

        I’d definitely give IX a try, if you liked IV its kinda similar play style with a good story and graphics. I’m currently on disc 3 of 4 and really like it. Everyone has their own abilities which adds to the character development and individuality instead of everyone being able to do anything (cause like i said…the draw system was the worst idea ever lol). So yeah, if u enjoyed IV, and VII, i’d give it a shot!

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