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A panel interview with the beautiful and delicious Kari Byron of the MythBusters


Our very own Dazvsemir and Kari Byron. See how HAPPY he is!

Kari Byron of Mythbusters held a press conference as part of her appearance at the April 2007 26th I-Con at Stony Brook, NY. When Dazvsemir and I entered the small classroom where the conference took place Byron was already sitting at a desk, kicking at the floor with her knee-high boots and chatting about weather and traffic. Although there were few reporters, a good amount of camera equipment was aimed at her. The room was filling up, but people were having trouble finding the right place in the labyrinthine classroom wing of the sports complex.

The first official question aimed at her was about her favorite myth, which turned out to be the myth of the exploding pants (or trousers, if you will) of New Zealand. Turns out the explosions had to do with a herbicide used in the 1930’s which then reacted with the cloth of the farmers who sprayed it all over their pants as well as the ragwort they were trying to eliminate. Byron loves myths with historical origins and generally loves explosions which, by default, made that one a favorite. It was also a myth the myth busters did not expect to be true, but which turned out to be another example of truth being stranger than fiction.

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